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1. Set the filters to select a specific population you are interested in.

2. Click the "Browse" button to visualize the results.

3. Click the "Export" button at the bottom of the page if you want to export the selected samples.


1. As most samples currently in our database are from infant stools and sequenced by the amplicon technology, all diagrams are plotted based on infant gut microbiome and at genus level.

2. If you select a large group, the database may take a few seconds to plot.

Database Filters (infant gut microbiome)
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including unknown breastfeeding duration samples
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File Requirements:
1. File type should be csv(comma-separated).
2. The 1st column should be like "SampleID" and the 2nd column should be like "Age"(sampling days) with the "Genus name"(OTU) columns followed.
3. All values(relative abundance) should have been normalized to the corresponding sample.