About MAMI v1.0

database overview
Overview of MAMI (Microbiome Atlas of Mothers and Infants)

The human microbiome and probiotics have demonstrated significant impacts on human health, particularly during the crucial stages of pregnancy and infancy when microbial communities undergo remarkable changes and maturation. So here we propose the development of an extensive knowledge base that archives data on the maternal and neonatal microbiome, as well as information on edible probiotic strains. The database MAMI is constructed with many useful functions:

Sample Distribution

Top Sampling Countries

ID Country Samples
1 USA 9108
2 UK 4278
3 Australia 3833
4 Nigeria 3308
5 Bangladesh 2724
6 Norway 2683
7 Finland 2592
8 China 1674
9 Zimbabwe 1669
10 Netherland 915

Data Statistics

Sample size of Mother Microbiome
Clinical Features

Sample size of Infant Microbiome
Clinical Features

Probiotic Features

Probiotic Strains
14 Edible Strains
Probiotic Foods
19 Probiotic Foods
Probiotic Drugs
29 Probiotic Medicines
Probiotic Patents
58 Probiotic Patents